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Family Relations Institute

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dmm goes to africa


dmm goes to australia


dmm goes to canada


dmm goes to england


Finland, doorway


dmm goes to germany


dmm goes to ireland


italian poppies


dmm goes to s. america

Latin America

dmm goes to portugal

Portugal & Spain

dmm goes to russia


dmm goes to sweden


dmm goes to usa


Mary Ainsworth at Bertinoro, 2011

In the spirit of Mary Ainsworth


Beginning in Africa Former chair

From left, Beginning in Africa; Brian Robinson, former Head of Psychiatry, Red Cross Children's Hospital, Cape Town, SA.

willem de jager in africa patricia crittenden in africa astrid berg in africa

Traditional face painting from left above: Willem de Jager, Pat Crittenden & Astrid Berg and below: Catherine & Rene.

catherine & rene get their faces painted mother & baby - ubulele dyad
getti & persona doll story circle

Ububele: Getti Mercorio and his Persona Doll Kgomotso; story time.

Dan, Pat & Ayesha Lunch at Ububele

From left: Dan, Pat & Ayesha and exciting discussions at Ububele.


A toast to Australia's reliability test

A toast to Australia's reliability test, 2011

dmm goes to australia patricia crittenden in sydney

SAA course and Attachment in Psycholopathology, both in Sydney, 2007

carolyn, alison, michael, ka & future board member

From left: Carolyn, Alison, Michael & Kathy. Future IASA board member in training.


dmm in winnipeg canada

Hélène & Irmie in Winnipeg, 2008

dmm in montreal canada

AAI course in Montreal, 2009

First Nations dancers

First Nations dancers, 2009

Pat, Jackie & Jamie

Dalhousie DMM Research Group: Pat, Jackie &Jamie

April in Canada June in Canada

April and June in Canada



Steve, Pat and Vicki at the Tavistock Centre A&P, 2011

Peter Fonagy & Pat Crittenden

Peter Fonagy & Pat Crittenden, 2010

Peter Fonagy & Pat Crittenden

Pat Crittenden & Chip Chimera at IFT, London, 2009


Pat in Bristol, Alive!


Newcastle DMMers, 2007

Newcastle - Magic!


Mary Heller plays the pipes

Mary the piper

PO for courage

Newcastle: PO for courage

SAA trainers course

SAA Course, 2009

cumbria tree

Tree in Cumbria - November '05

family drawing course

Family Drawing Course, Cambridge, 2010

after classwork comes dinner

Dinner with friends, Brighton, 2009

Leslie Ironside, Brighton

Brighton; Leslie & Pat, 2008

patricia crittenden, brighton flowers, Brighton
manchester blossom dmm manchester

Manchester Attachment Psychopathology Course, 2010

after class, Manchester

Pat D, Mel, & Pat C.

after class, Manchester

Becca & Steve

Broadstairs, England

CARE-Index, Broadstairs, 2003

Pat is ecstatic

Broadstairs: Pat is ecstatic

Elaine and Marina

Elaine & Marina, 2002

cliff and blooms

Cliff & blooms

SAA Barrow in Furness

SAA 2007, Barrow-in-Furness

Catch the boat!

Cumbria: 2006 - Catch the boat!

Chris and Elisabeth

Advanced Clinical AAI, 2009



Becca found fish & chips

Becca found fish & chips!

Pat and Andrea

Pat & Andrea

Cumbria after class

Cumbria: After class

Chris at Skendleby, 2009

Skendleby SAA 2009: Chris



Gill's nook

Gill's nook

thinking uses calories

Thinking uses calories

Jane's music

Jane's music

family drawings, 2009

Skendleby: 2009 family drawings

hollyhock & stone, 2009

Hollyhock & stone

septmber 12, 2006

September 12, 2006


Finland, adult model Finland, lovely detail

A&P in Helsinki, 2004

Airi, CARE-Index

Airi in CARE-Index course

German-speaking countries:

Lilo Anert & Pat Crittenden

Lilo Anert & Pat Crittenden, University of Vienna, 2012.

clas discussion Germany

Attachment & Psychopathology, 2010

after class, Germany

Beer in Cologne

classtime in Germany

"Raise your hand if you had sensitivity between the 8 and 10."

audience in Germany

Infant Mental Health Association 2006

after class, Ulm

Audience reaction

an intense Crittenden

An intense moment with Dr. Crittenden

EFTA award, 2004

Crittenden receives a Career Achievement Award from The European Family Therapy Association, Berlin, 2004.

dinner in ulm, 2006

Dinner in Ulm, 2006

lilo ahnert, 1992

Lilo Ahnert, 1992


Dublin lunch

Dublin lunch, 2003

Declan & Andrea

Declan & Andrea


the next batch of AAIers

The next batch of AAIers!

paa trainers, sicily paa trainers, sicily

From left, Pat & Rodolfo de Bernardt and a bouquet for Pat.

paa trainers, sicily

PAA trainers, Sicily, 2010


Sicilia lunch

Always ask about the water!

Does the pool have water?

Dolores &Loredana

Dolores & Loredana

Dinner Reggio 2009

Reggio AAI dinner, 2009

Class in an ampitheatre

AAI Class in amphitheater, 2008

March 2004

Advanced Clinical AAI Seminar, March 2004

AAI Reggio - AAI apple tarte

Jari's apple tart

AAI Reggio

In deep discussion

AAI singing

Singing the AAI song, 2003

attachment forever!

Exemplifying attachment

Latin America

Pat in Mexico Pat in Montevideo

From left, Pat Crittenden in Mexico, 2012 and Montevideo, 2011.

pat & maturana

Crittenden & Maturana
circa 1994

dinner in temuco

Universidad Mayor Sede Temuco, 2004

SAA trainers course chile SAA trainers course chile

From left: Universidad de los Andes, Santiago, Chile - Raul & Pat with singer from Los Quincheros; celebrating Fiestas Patrias.

CARE-Index members

CARE-Index members: Sandiago, Chile

paa class, chile

UAI PAA course, 2007

Pat y Sudamerica, chile

Cecilia (Chile), Emilia (Uruguay), Alvaro (Chile), Pat (USA), Fabiana (Brazil), Eliana (Argentina), 2010

south america

Festivities at a hacienda, 2009

san jose adoption talk

Talk on adoption, 2009

graduation UAI 2007

Graduation at UAI, 2007

pat & paola skoknik

Pat & Paola

uai president, chile

Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, 2006

pat crittenden in buenos aires

Pat drinking Argentinean yerba maté


First AAI certificates

Norway: First AAI certificates, 2002



defining coy

Defining coy



How big is the island?

How big is the island?

Finn birthday singers

Finnish birthday singers

Turning 60 the Finnish way

Turning 60 the Finnish way

March 2004

Norway: Håholmen's CARE-Index trainers, 2005

Portugal & Spain

Formulate that family!

Formulate that family!

Becca thinking

Becca thinking

Val formulates

Val formulates

Helene at work

Helene at work

Beautiful white flower


Dolores explaining

Dolores explaining



Helene explaining

Helene explaining

Luscious limes

Luscious limes

Where is the restaurant?

Where is the restaurant?

Beautiful white flower

Rancho del Inges

after class, portugal

Handing out critters

p. crittenden teaches in portugal

Pat under
Higher Guidance

Portugal photos by
Nicola Sahhar



The BabyHome 13 Gang, 2000-2005

Varya, Natasha and Oleg

Varya, Natasha & Oleg

Lecture - University St. Petersburg

Lecture - University St. Petersburg

1st three critters

First three critters

First AAI certificates

Strange Situation Trainers, St. Petersburg, 2003


going to the grotto

Going to the grotto

Ulla's dinner in the grotto

Ulla's dinner in the grotto, 2003

Astrid crowned

Astrid crowned

Astrid and Hjordis

Astrid & Hjördis

Airi in Stockholm

Airi in Stockholm


Seattle Care Index group, 2013

Seattle Care-Index group takes a break, 2013

SRCD Symposium, 2012

SRCD Symposium, 2012

Do you have a DMM tattoo?

Do you have a DMM tattoo? 2011

enthusiastic women!

Enthusiastic women! 2011

AAI course miami, 2010

Udita, Helena & Rebecca

view from the hotel in miami
AAI course miami

AAI Course, Miami, USA, March 2010

Jennie's critter Cincinatti

Jennie's critter - Cincinatti, 2004

Our flower boy

Our flower boy, 2011

alison's view

Alison's pure view - Key Largo 2006 & 2007

marco under a palm tree

Marco is pooped

working men

Working men

critter for Susana

Critter for Susana

big boys

Big boys

critter shirt in the usa

CARE-Index Trainers, 2010

nicole letourneau




day's end

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