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Dynamic Maturational Model
of Patterns of Attachment (C5-6)

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C5-6: The C5-6 strategy (punitively obsessed with revenge and/or seductively obsessed with rescue) is a more extreme form of C3-4 that involves active deception to carry out the revenge or elicit rescue. Individuals using this strategy distort information substantially, particularly in blaming others for their predicament and heightening their own negative affect; the outcome is a more enduring and less resolvable struggle.
Those using a C5 (punitive) strategy are colder, more distant and self-controlled, and deceptive than people using C3. They appear invulnerable and dismiss other people’s perspectives while forcing others to attend to them while misleading others regarding their inner feeling of helplessness and desire for comfort. Individuals using the C6 (seductive) strategy give the appearance of needing rescue from dangerous circumstances that are, in fact, self-induced. C6 individuals mislead others regarding their anger.
This alternating pattern is often seen in bully-victim pairs, within gangs, and in violent couples where the hidden half of the pattern is usually forgotten or forgiven - until the presentation reverses. This strategy develops during the school years but does not function fully until adolescence.
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