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Dynamic Maturational Model
of Patterns of Attachment (C1-2)

Family Relations Institute

C1-2: The C1-2 (threatening-disarming) strategy involves both relying on one=s own feelings to guide behavior and also using somewhat exaggerated and changing displayed negative affect to influence other people=s behavior. Specifically, the strategy consists of splitting, exaggerating, and alternating the display of mixed negative feelings to attract attention and manipulate the feelings and responses of others. The alternation is between presentation of a strong, angry invulnerable self who blames others for the problem (C1,3,5, 7) with the appearance of a fearful, weak, and vulnerable self who entices others to give succorance (C2,4,6,8). C1-2 is a very normal strategy found in people with low risk for mental health problems and a great zest for life. Infants display the C1-2 strategy.
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